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Energy Pellets of America seeks to build a strong, diverse network of wood pellet dealers across the country. Become a dealer today to grow your business every day by offering a sustainable, eco-friendly wood energy pellet to your customers.

Why Become a Dealer?

energy-wood-pellets-become-a-dealerAs a family-owned business with strong customer service credentials, Energy Pellets of America offers our dealers a premium product and ample support.

We stand behind our product. Energy Pellets of America makes wood pellets from 100 percent recycled wood chips. Material for our pellets is sourced from discarded wooden shipping pallets that are no longer useful in the shipping industry. From there, the wood is processed into small chips, then further broken down into sawdust, and finally exposed to high pressure and heat to make the wood pellet fuel or animal bedding pellets.

Fueling the Wood Pellet Market

Pellet Fuels Institute reports that more than one million U.S. homeowners chose to heat their homes with wood pellets.This number is increasing steadily. Many places of business and commercial entities are also opting in to using wood pellets.

Energy Pellets of America’s wood pellets are:

  • Sustainable. We use recycled wood to make our wood pellets. This is a renewable resource that is friendly for the environment. Recycling wood shipping pallets prevents waste from going to landfills to rot and creates an environmentally friendly way for consumers to heat their home.
  • Clean combusting. Burning wood pellets in a high-efficiency stove is cleaner and more carbon neutral than the organic decomposition of wood products, pallets and trees.
  • All natural. Because Energy Pellets of America doesn’t use chemically treated wood sources to make wood pellets, our products are all natural and safe to use. Pellets are compressed with heat and pressure, eliminating the need for binders and additional chemicals.

Europe and other parts of the world are retrofitting their coal-fired electric plants to burn wood pellets instead. They also have a centralized district heating model that provides heat for entire communities. The change has spurred many to switch to fuel pellets for home use. That trend has spread to the U.S.

Animal Bedding Pellets

Energy Pellets of America makes more than just pellet fuel. Our animal bedding pellets are a popular way to keep all of your animal habitats clean and healthy. 

Your customers will find that our animal bedding pellets are a better option for their bedding needs than shavings or straw. Wood animal bedding pellets are an effective choice for stalls because they can soak up urine quickly and create a clumped, confined wet spot than can be easily removed. This makes cleaning stalls easy and creates a healthy, clean environment for your animals. The ease of the process saves time, and ultimately allows your customers to increase the amount of time they can spend enjoying their animals and their families.

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Are you ready to start offering your customers our premium, recycled wood pellets? Contact us today to learn about how you can become a wood pellet dealer with Energy Pellets of America.