Animal Bedding Pellets

Energy Pellets of America offers more than just fuel pellets. Our animal bedding pellets are a green solution to your habitat and barn bedding needs.

What are Animal Bedding Pellets?

Wood Pellet BeddingAnimal bedding pellets are made of compressed wood. Energy Pellets of America makes pellet animal bedding from discarded pallets no long useful in the shipping process. Our animal bedding pellets are renewable, biodegradable and all natural.

When wet, animal bedding pellets turn into sawdust and offer a low-dust solution for your animal bedding needs. The wood pellets and sawdust create a bedding layer that absorbs moisture and neutralizes odors. Our animal bedding pellets will keep your stall clean, dry and comfortable.

Many users will find that Energy Pellets of America animal bedding pellets are easy to use as a bedding material. Our pellets are natural and create a clean, healthy environment for your animals.

You will find that our wood pellet bedding:

  • Creates clean, dry and healthy habitats
  • Is natural and biodegradable
  • Absorbs moisture and reduces odors
  • Is low in dust
  • Comes in easy to handle 40 lb bags

Why Animal Bedding Pellets?

Many users will find that animal bedding pellets are a better option for their bedding needs than shavings or straw. Wood animal bedding pellets are an effective choice for stalls because they can soak up urine quickly and create a clumped, confined wet spot than can be easily removed. This makes cleaning stalls easy and creates a healthy, clean environment for your animals. The ease of the process saves time, and ultimately allows you to increase the amount of time you’re able to spend with your animals and your family.

Animal bedding pellets are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Compostable
  • Absorbent
  • Not dusty after wet to expand

Animal bedding pellets are created from dry sawdust placed under high pressure and high temperatures. This process makes them super absorbent. The all-natural wood pellets bind with the ammonia in urine to form a clump and neutralize odor.

Unlike wood shavings, straw and sawdust, animal bedding pellets won’t stick to fur, blankets and other bedding. Additionally, the low-dust formulation reduces the amount of particulate matter in the air to help avoid respiratory problems sometimes caused by breathing in fine particles.

Because wood bedding pellets expand when wet, you’ll find they take less storage space than traditional bedding material. One 40 lb bag of animal bedding pellets can expand to cover approximately a 5.5-foot square stall with a 1.5 inch depth. Creating an even depth of pellets gives your animal a safe and shock absorbent footing.

Animal bedding pellets are sold individually in 40 lb bags, in a 1 ton pallet or in bulk. Regardless of whether you are buying pellets for your personal barn, business, or commercial enterprise, you’ll find the wood pellet option convenient for you. Our wood pellet delivery service makes our pellets accessible to all kinds of consumers.

Animal bedding pellets are highly compostable. Because they absorb so much moisture, wood pellets break down quickly when composted. When soiled with manure or feces, the high carbon content of the pellets promotes quick, eco friendly compost.

How Can I Use Animal Bedding Pellets?

Our animal bedding pellets have many diverse uses in your barn, home and business. You’ll find that they are useful in a variety of settings.

Common uses for animal bedding pellets include:

  • Horse stalls
  • Animal pens and barns
  • Habitat substrate for small animals
  • Cat litter

Energy Pellets of America’s animal pellets have less than 8 percent moisture, which creates 92 percent absorbance for use for all of your animal needs.This absorbency rate makes cleaning up and mucking stalls simple and reduces urine smells.  You’ll find that wood pellet bedding last much longer than traditional bedding sources like wood shavings or straw.

Additionally, wood pellets are completely biodegradable and compostable. This makes them a clean source of animal bedding.

Because our pellets contain such little moisture and can clump when wet, some cat owners find that our pellets work in place of traditional clay cat litter. To use wood bedding pellets for cat litter, you can simply replace your traditional littler with wood bedding pellets. Because the pellets expand when wet, you’ll want to be careful not to overfill your cat box. When wet with urine, the pellets will turn into a sawdust clump for easy removal. The removed clumps can be composted, making wood bedding pellets a simple, green alternative to clay kitty litter.

How do I Use and Store Animal Bedding Pellets?

Wood pellet bedding by the tonWood animal bedding pellets are simple to use and store.

Energy Pellets of America animal bedding pellets are simple to use in your barn and animal habitats. Bedding pellets can be used in dry, whole pellet form or moistened, expanded pellet form. To use the dry pellet form simply pour the desired amount of pellets onto the floor of the habitat. Start with a minimum amount and then add more if needed once the animal begins to utilize the habitat. To use the moistened pellet form, simply wet the bedding pellets with approximately 1 gallon of water. The animal bedding pellets will turn into sawdust and offer a low-dust solution for your animal bedding needs. Spread the moistened pellets out to the desired depth, then let your animal enjoy the benefits of wood pellet bedding. The wood pellets and sawdust create a clean bedding layer to absorb moisture, neutralize odors and provide footing and shock absorption for your animals. Our animal bedding pellets will keep your habitat  comfortable, clean and dry.

Purchasing animal bedding pellets is a simple process, too. You can buy Energy Pellets of America’s bedding pellets directly from us online, at our manufacturing facility, or from a local dealer. Our wood pellet delivery service makes buying online simple. You can choose to buy pellets by the bag, by the one-ton pallet or in loose bulk.

It’s wise to store your animal bedding pellets in a dry area. The storage area should be free of mold and any moisture. Keeping your bags of pellets off the ground and on a pallet can help keep them dry, too. Many wood pellet users choose to store them in a barn, basement or garage. If you can’t store your wood pellets indoors, it’s a good idea to keep them outside in a shelter or shed located in a dry, high place.  You might want to cover your wood pellets with a securely fastened tarp for additional protection.

When stored in the proper way, wood bedding pellets can last for a very long time. The main culprits in damaging stored pellets are U.V. sunlight and moisture. U.V. sunlight can break down the protective wrap and plastic bags over time. When the bags break moisture penetration will accelerate, lessening the quality of your wood pellet bedding. You can prevent U.V. light and dampness from damaging your wood pellets by storing them properly.

How Are Animal Bedding Pellets Made?

Energy Pellets of America makes wood animal bedding pellets from recycled wooden shipping pallets. No chemically treated pallets are used in the process, which makes our pellets all natural and safe to use for animal bedding.

To make wood pellets, Energy Pellets of America:

  • Sources shipping pallets that are broken and no longer useful in the shipping industry.
  • Breaks the pallets down into fine wood chips by using a hammer mill and grinder. This turns the wood chips into a sawdust-like material.
  • Uses powerful magnets to removes screws, nails and metal other objects from the crushed wood.
  • Compresses the remaining wood particles into dense pellets. No additional chemicals are used in this process. 
  • The wood pellets are bagged and shipped to retail stores and farm and business customers.

Then entire production and shipping process creates a wood pellet product that is accessible to consumers and an easy animal bedding solution.

Because our wood pellets are made from retired shipping pallets, the end result is a dense, hardwood blend pellet. The difference between the efficiency of pine pellets and our hardwood pellets is minimal.

Ready to Get Started with Animal Bedding Pellets?

Wood animal bedding pellets are a versatile and sustainable way to keep your stalls clean and healthy. Learn more about our wood animal bedding pellets or place your order today. Call us at (937) 265-0676.