Animal Bedding Pellets – One Ton Pallet

One Ton Pallet

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Featured Benefits

Animal bedding pellets are a better option for your bedding needs than shavings or straw. Wood animal bedding pellets are an effective choice for animal habitats because they can soak up urine quickly and create a clumped, confined wet spot than can be easily removed. Animal bedding pellets are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Compostable
  • Absorbent
  • Low dust
  • Compact storage


Looking for an eco-friendly animal bedding solution you can buy in large quantities? A 1 ton pallet of bedding pellets is the perfect answer to your animal bedding and horse bedding needs.

Energy Pellets of America offers premium animal and horse bedding pellets to help you keep your habitats and stalls clean and healthy for your animals of all sizes. Our wood pellets come from a renewable resource and are an eco-friendly solution for your bedding pellet needs. Using animal bedding pellets makes it easy to keep a clean and sterile habitat for your animal.

Our bedding pellets are a clean and comfortable solution for your animal bedding needs. Our pellets are highly absorbent and will create drier, cleaner, and healthier habitats. Produced from 100 percent recycled wood, our bedding pellets are cost effective and healthy for your animals. Perfect for small animal bedding and large animal bedding, Energy Pellets of America makes versatile pellets.

You’ll also find Energy Pellets of America’s bedding pellets:

  • Are highly absorbent: The compressed pellets have a low moisture content that absorbs more than conventional bedding.
  • Reduce odors: Wood fiber bedding pellets reduce ammonia odor.
  • Minimize waste: Bedding pellets will greatly reduce consumption and disposal over traditional bedding.
  • Easy To sift: Pellets are fine textured so they sift easily.
  • Time saving: Fast and easy pick up saves you time cleaning.
  • Low dust: Compact pellets reduce airborne dust particles.
  • Reduce storage space: Packaged in 40 pound bags, bedding pellets require about 1/3rd the space of traditional bedding.

Energy Pellets of America’s  animal bedding pellets are simple to use in your habitat and stalls. Animal bedding pellets make a great substrate for animal habitats including those for:

  • Horses (stable and trailer)
  • Livestock (goats, cattle and sheep)
  • Small caged animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, gerbils and more)
  • Poultry
  • Dogs
  • Cats (pen and litter box)
  • Reptiles

Animal bedding pellets can be used in  2 forms: Dry, whole pellet form or moistened, expanded pellet form. To use the dry pellet form simply pour the desired amount of pellets onto the floor of the habitat. It’s usually better to start with a minimum amount and then add more once the animal begins to use the habitat. To use the moistened pellets, simply moisten the 40 lb bag of bedding pellets with approximately 1 gallon of water and watch the pellets expand into a sawdust-like material. Spread the pellets out to the desired depth, then let your horse or animal enjoy the benefits of wood pellet bedding.

For small animals, bedding pellets can be used in the animal’s habitat. Start with a clean pen, cage or box. It is wise to use to product in pellet form. You don’t need many pellets in the habitat. For small animals like gerbils, hamsters and rats, the pellets should be to the animal’s knees. This means a 1 ton pallet bedding pellets will go a long way.

Each 1 ton pallet of bedding pellets contains 50, 40 lb bags. This makes for a cost effective way to keep a clean and sterile environment for all of your animals. Our 1 ton pallet of bedding pellets are a simple solution to your animal bedding needs.


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