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Energy Pellets of America is looking to expand its network of animal bedding and horse bedding pellet dealers in and around Ocala, Florida and Marion County. With the opening of our new pellet distribution facility in Ocala, we’re able to provide local dealers in Ocala with high-quality, sustainable horse bedding pellets and animal bedding pellets at wholesale prices. Having quick and convenient access to our pellets will result in satisfied customers, efficient inventory management, and increased profit for your business.

As the Official Pellet Provider for the World Equestrian Center, our commitment to our partners is on full display. Thanks to our established distribution framework, we’re able to meet the complex needs of the acclaimed facility. In doing this, we’re able to offer all members and exhibitors of the World Equestrian Center our exceptional horse bedding pellets.

Regardless of whether you’re a retailer, distributor, or other equine facility, we have the resources and expertise to handle all of your horse bedding supply needs.

Why Choose Pellets Over Shavings?

In recent years, there’s been a consumer movement in choosing wood pellets as a top choice for equine bedding. When compared to traditional bedding material like shavings or sawdust, pellets offer some distinct advantages.

As an equine bedding option, wood pellets:

  • Absorb more moisture than traditional bedding material
  • Produce less dust
  • Easier to store thanks to more efficient packaging
  • Less frequent manure accumulation
  • Compost-friendly

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    The Energy Pellets of America Difference

    As a dealer of our horse bedding pellets and animal bedding pellets, you benefit from a number of valuable advantages. 

    Product Flexibility

    We offer convenient purchasing options to suit your business goals. Pellets can be purchased by the ton or in bulk as needed to efficiently manage your inventory. You won’t be forced into purchasing more product than you can handle. 

    Convenient Pickup & Delivery

    Located in the Horse Capital of the World, you’ll be able to stop by to pick up your animal and horse bedding pellets. If you need the product delivered, we’ve already got you covered with our established transportation and logistics system. 

    Family-owned Support

    Energy Pellets of America is a family-owned company that provides a level of service and support that massive corporations can’t match. When you partner with us, you become an extension of our family. 

    Sustainable & Eco-friendly

    Our product is made from 100% recycled material. This environmentally friendly approach appeals to a wide range of consumers looking for more sustainable products.

    High-Performing Product

    Unlike some recycled goods, our equine bedding pellets don’t sacrifice quality. Your customers will appreciate how quickly our dust free pellets absorb urine and create an easy-to-clean clump. Less time cleaning frees up more time for other tasks.

    Made in the USA

    Our animal bedding pellets and horse bedding pellets are entirely sourced and manufactured in the U.S. Your customers will enjoy knowing that the product they’re purchasing supports domestic manufacturing and U.S. jobs. 

    Ready to Become a Dealer?

    When you’re ready to partner with us and offer your customers superior animal bedding pellets and horse bedding pellets along with all of the benefits above, we’re here to help you. Complete the form at the top of this page and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly to discuss your animal and equine bedding pellet needs.

    Just Need to Purchase Equine Bedding Pellets?

    If you’re not interested in becoming a dealer, but would like to purchase our horse bedding pellets, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us at info@energypelletsamerica.com or call 937-265-0676 for more information

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