How to Use Pellet Bedding

Switching to bedding pellets can be beneficial for your animals and the environment. Learn about the benefits and how to use pellet bedding.

What are Animal Bedding Pellets?

Animal bedding pellets are dense wood pellets used in animal pens, stalls, and barns. The bedding makes for easy cleaning and provides shock absorption and footing for your animal.

Energy Pellets of America’s bedding pellets are made from compressed wood. Our wood pellets are made from untreated shipping pallets that are no longer in use in the shipping industry. This makes our eco friendly pellets biodegradable, renewable, compostable and good for the Earth.

Animal bedding pellets turn into sawdust that clumps when saturated. They offer a low-dust solution for your animal bedding needs. The wood pellets create a clean bedding layer to absorb moisture and neutralize odors. Our animal bedding pellets will keep your habitat dry, clean and comfortable.

Many users will find that Energy Pellets of America animal bedding pellets are easy to use as bedding. Our pellets are 100 percent natural and create a clean environment for your animals.

You will find that our animal bedding pellets:

  • Are 100 percent natural and biodegradable.
  • Helps make clean, dry and healthy habitats.
  • Reduces odor.
  • Contains minimal dust particles to keep your animal breathing easy.
  • Comes in easy to handle 40 lb bags.
  • Are dense and compact to save on storage space.

How to Use Pellet Bedding

Pellet bedding is simple to use. To use the animal bedding pellets, you can try 1 of 2 methods.

Dry, Whole Bedding Pellets

energy-wood-pellets-bedding-how-to-useTo use the dry pellet form simply pour the desired amount of pellets onto the floor of the habitat. The size of the animal will guide how many pellets should be used. As an example a 10-foot by 10-foot stall utilized for a cow or horse will require 2 or 3 forty pound bags. The same size stall for a goat, sheep, or pig 1 or 2 forty pound bags. It’s usually better to start with a minimum amount and then add more once the animal begins to use the habitat.

Are you a cat owner? You will find that wood animal bedding pellets are an all-natural cat litter. To use animal bedding pellets as cat litter, you can simply replace your traditional clay litter with the wooden bedding pellets.

For all of these animals the habitat cleaning is the same. Once the bedding pellets are saturated with moisture or soiled they will expand into sawdust like material and the area will clump together. Simply remove the wet clumps or solid waste.. Add back pellets when necessary to maintain bedding pellets effectiveness.

Moistened, Expanded Pellet Bedding

To use the moistened pellet form:

Lay the bags out in the stall you’d like to cover. It might take several bags of pellets to reach the desired depth in your habitat depending on the size of your animal and the size of the habitat. You might find that a typical 12-foot by 12-foot stall will take between 6 and 8 bags of pellets to reach a depth that is comfortable for larger animals and easy to clean. Again, it is usually better to start with a minimum amount and then add more once the animal begins to utilize the habitat.  Cut the bags open down the center to give the wood pellets room to expand.

Pour water into the open bag to wet the pellet bedding. You’ll use approximately 1 gallon of water per 40 lb bag of pellets.  This will acticate the expansion process. Wetting the pellets turns them into sawdust and creates a perfect consistency for animal bedding. The water will make the pellets fluffy and soft.

Blend the drier pellets into the wetter spots so the pellets have the same level of moisture. You might want to use a large manure fork to mix and spread the fluffed up pellets through the stall to the desired depth. Creating an even depth of pellets can allow your animal to have a clean and safe, shock absorbing footing environment.

Keep the stall clean by removing saturated and soiled pellet bedding. You can add additional pellets as you clean your animal stall to maintain your preferred depth. You may want to add water occasionally to keep the pellets from getting too dry. Adding water will help you maintain your preferred level of moisture, and keep dust at a minimum.

For smaller animals, such as cats, the process is the same but on a smaller scale. Remember the pellets expand when preparing as animal bedding, so you’ll want to be careful not to overfill the litter box, rabbit hutch, hamster cage, etc.

How to Store Animal Bedding Pellets

Consider storing your animal bedding pellets in a clean, dry area. The storage area should be free of any moisture, mold and mildew. Keeping your bags of bedding pellets off the ground on a pallet can help keep them dry, too. Many wood pellet users choose to store them in a barn, basement or garage. If you can’t store your wood pellets indoors, it’s a good idea to keep them outside in a shelter or shed located in a dry, high place. If you store your pellets outdoors, you might consider keeping them under a securely fashioned tarp for additional protection.

Wood bedding pellets can last for a very long time when stored correctly. Storing your pellets properly can protect them from moisture and U.V. light. Over time, U.V. light can break down the plastic bags and protective wrap. Moisture penetration will accelerate as the bags break down, reducing the quality of your wood pellet bedding. You can prevent U.V. light and dampness from damaging your wood pellets by storing them in a clean, dry place away from sunlight.

You’ll also find that animal bedding pellets take less storage space than most traditional bedding materials. A 40-lb bag of bedding pellets is equal to about 2.5 bales of shavings and a pallet approximately equal to 125 bales of shavings. This is a significantly much smaller footprint when storage space is a concern.

Why Animal Bedding Pellets?

You’ll likely find many reasons why using animal bedding pellets is an easy solution for your barn and habitat needs.

Our animal bedding pellets are:

  • Compostable.
  • Absorbent.
  • Easy to clean.

The pelletizing process makes the wood fibers super absorbent. Unlike straw, wood chips and other bedding products, pellet bedding clumps when saturated or heavily soiled. This clumping action makes cleanup simple, allowing you to maintain a clean, healthy environment for your animals.

Each bag can expand to cover a 5.5-foot by 5.5-foot area with a depth of 1.5 inches.

Additionally, animal bedding pellets won’t stick to blankets, clothing and fur like other animal bedding materials.

Ready to Get Started with Animal Bedding Pellets?

Wood animal bedding pellets are an easy to use solution for keeping your habitats clean and healthy. Learn more about our wood animal bedding pellets or place your order today. Call us at (937) 265-0676