How Animal Bedding Pellets are Made

29 June 18  |  Bedding   |  

Energy Pellets of America makes more than just fuel pellets. We also make high quality animal bedding pellets. Learn how animal bedding pellets are made and how they can be beneficial in your animal’s habitat.

What are Animal Bedding Pellets

Animal bedding pellets are made of compressed wood fibers. When wet, animal bedding pellets turn into sawdust. They offer a low-dust solution for horse bedding and animal bedding needs. The wood pellets and sawdust create a healthy bedding layer to absorb moisture and neutralize odors. Our animal bedding pellets will keep your animal’s habitat clean, dry and comfortable.

Many users will find that Energy Pellets of America animal bedding pellets are easy to use as a bedding material. Our pellets are 100 percent natural and create a clean, healthy environment for your animals.

How Animal Bedding Pellets are Made

Energy Pellets of America makes pellet animal bedding from discarded pallets that are no longer useful in the shipping industry. Our animal bedding pellets are renewable, biodegradable and all natural.

To make our animal bedding pellets, Energy Pellets of America:

  • Sources untreated shipping pallets that are no longer useful in the shipping industry.
  • Breaks the pallets down into sawdust at our pellet plant by using a grinder and  hammer mill. This turns the wood chips into a “sawdust” like material.
  • Uses multiple magnets to removes nails, screws and other ferrous metal objects from the raw material.
  • Compresses the remaining wood particles into dense pellets using a pelletizing mill. No additional chemicals are used in this process.

Ready to Get Started with Animal Bedding Pellets?

Wood animal bedding pellets are a versatile and sustainable way to keep your habitats clean and healthy. Learn more about our wood animal bedding pellets or place your order today. Call us at (937) 265-0676