What are the Best Horse Bedding Pellets?

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You’ll find lots of options available to you when you are looking for horse bedding pellets. Selecting the best option for your habitat or stall might seem overwhelming. What are the best horse bedding pellets? Explore options and learn more about this super absorbent bedding option.

The best horse bedding pellets are absorbent and comfortable for your animal. From pine pellets to hardwood pellets, you’ll find that bedding pellets are a sensible option over shavings and other material. Learn more about horse bedding pellets and keep your equine friend comfortable.

What are Horse Bedding Pellets?

Horse bedding pellets are a natural solution for your stalls and habitats. They are designed to absorb moisture and prevent odor in horse habitats and barns. Bedding pellets are made from compressed wood fibers. Energy Pellets of America’s horse bedding pellets are made from 100 percent natural fibers and contain no chemical additives.

What to Look for In Horse Bedding

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for the best horse bedding. In addition to being safe for horses, horse bedding should be:

  1. Readily available and easily accessible
  2. Absorbent
  3. Comfortable for the animal
  4. Compostable
  5. Easy to handle and store
  6. Low in dust
  7. Cost effective

Keeping the above criteria in mind when seeking out a horse bedding will help you find the best material.

How Other Horse Bedding Options Compare to Wood Pellets

Horse bedding pellets are a smart choice for your stall or habitat, but they aren’t the only choice. Explore other horse bedding options and see how they compare to pellets.

Wood Bedding Pellets

Wood pellets meet all the criteria for what to look for in hose bedding. They are sold by the bag or by the ton, so they are readily available and easily accessible. Energy Pellets of America bedding is pelletized in a mill and made with low moisture content, making it super absorbent. It is versatile and can be used in whole bedding form or wet to form sawdust. It is soft and comfortable for the animal in either form.

Energy Pellets of America’s bedding pellets are a hardwood and softwood blend. Pine pellets are also common on today’s market. Pellets are a wise choice for neutralizing odor in your barn or habitat. Energy Pellets of America’s animal bedding pellets contain no chemical additives. This means they are safe for you and your horse. Pellets are low in dust and  safer alternative for people and horses with respiratory issues.

Stalls or habitats bedded with wood pellets are easy to clean. Think of cleaning it like a cat litter box. You can remove clumps of manure and urine-soaked areas easily. Because the soiled areas can be easily removed, a little goes a long way when it comes to pellets. This makes pellets a cost-effective choice.

Soiled pellets can be added to your compost bin or pile easily. This makes disposal simple.


Wood shavings might be a classic bedding choice, but they also might not be the best choice. Shavings aren’t as absorbent as wood pellets. Additionally, loose shavings are very dusty. This means you’ll likely find dust everywhere, from your horse’s fur to the walls of your barn. The dust and shavings can cause respiratory problems for your horse, too.

Shavings can be purchased in bulk, but this means you’ll need a dedicated storage space or bin. It is wise to avoid storing shavings in your barn to prevent dust problems. Additionally, it is wise to avoid cedar shavings. Some horses might have an allergic reaction to cedar products.


Straw is another classic bedding choice. The straw can be used to form a barrier or matt between the floor of the stall and where the horse stands. Urine and feces sink to the bottom layer of straw. This means it is important to use a thick layer of straw in your habitat. You might go through 5 bales of hay per week per horse in your barn. This means you’ll need lots of space for storage.

One caveat with straw bedding is that is can be dusty and moldy. This can be a problem for horses and people with respiratory problems. One good thing about using straw for horse bedding is that it is highly compostable. Gardeners and farmers appreciate having soiled straw bedding in their compost.

Peat Moss

If you browse equine forums online, you might find a few dedicated users to peat moss bedding. Peat moss is very soft for your horse and is known for being very absorbent. Additionally, peat moss is a great addition to your compost pile.

Drawbacks to using peat moss are that it can easily blow away when it is dry, as it is a very fine material. Peat moss also isn’t the most attractive kind of bedding, as its dark color can make stalls and habitats look dirty.

Shredded Newspaper

Newspaper bedding might not be a traditional bedding choice, but some horse or stable owners choose to use it. The bedding is made from newsprint cut into very fine strips. It can be a very absorbent material.

Newspaper bedding usually comes in a bag or in a bale. Additionally, newspaper bedding is very compostable.

Alternative Bedding

Pellets, shavings, straw, peat moss and newspaper aren’t the only bedding options available. There are quite a few alternative bedding options on the market today, too. Waste products like rice hulls, wheat by products, shredded phone books, shredded cardboard and hemp have all been used as horse bedding materials. Some of these products are not ideal for animal bedding, as they can be splinter or feature rough edges.

Why Choose Horse Bedding Pellets

Wood pellet bedding helps you keep a healthy, clean habitat for your horses and animals. You might choose wood pellets for a bedding layer for a number of different reasons. These reasons include:

  1. 100% natural and free of chemicals
  2. Low moisture content and extra absorbent
  3. Biodegradable and compostable
  4. Clean and easy to use
  5. Low in dust
  6. Cost effective

Energy-Pellets-Bedding-Bag-Web (1)With so many reasons to choose wood pellets over other kinds of bedding for your barn or habitat, it’s easy to see why pellets are the right choice.

What are the Best Horse Bedding Pellets?

Energy Pellets of America makes 100% natural wood bedding pellets. Pellets are made from untreated, recycled shipping pallets. This means that our animal bedding pellets are not just good for your horse, but good for the environment, too.

Are you ready to fill your horse habitat with the best horse bedding pellets? Learn more about the benefits of animal bedding pellets or place your order today by calling (937) 265-0676.