Save Money with Animal Bedding Pellets

29 June 18  |  Bedding   |  

Animal owners have more choices than ever when it comes to habitat bedding. When compared to straw or wood shavings, animal bedding pellets are a green and eco friendly solution to your bedding and habitat needs. But did you know that you can save money with animal bedding pellets? Learn about how animal bedding pellets can be a cost effective choice for your habitats.

What are Animal Bedding Pellets?

Energy-Pellets-Bedding-Bag-Web (1)Animal bedding pellets are made from compressed wood fibers. Energy Pellets of America makes animal bedding pellets from retired shipping pallets that are no longer useful in the shipping industry Our recycled bedding pellets are only made from untreated pallets and no binding chemicals are used in the pelletizing process. This makes Energy Pellets of America’s animal bedding pellets 100 percent natural.

Animal pellets can be used in a moistened state or in whole pellet form. When moistened with water, animal bedding pellets turn into a sawdust-like material. The wood pellets and sawdust create a healthy bedding layer to absorb moisture and neutralize odors. Animal bedding pellets will keep your habitat clean, dry and comfortable.

How Can You Save Money with Animal Bedding Pellets?

Buying the right bedding can help you save money. You’ll find you can strip your habitat less often when using wood pellets because they are so easy to clean. Saturated and soiled spots clump for easy removal. Additionally, one 40 lb bag of animal bedding pellets is equal to about 2.5 bales of wood shavings.

Wood pellets are highly absorbent and easy to clean. Less disposal space is needed, along with less labor. This saves you money and time in the long run. And saving time can be invaluable.

Wood animal bedding pellets are a versatile and cost effective way to keep your animal habitats clean and healthy. Learn more about our animal bedding pellets or place your order today. Call us at  (937) 265-0676.