Why Animal Bedding Pellets are a Good Choice for You

29 June 18  |  Bedding   |  

Animal bedding pellets are an eco friendly solution to your animal habitat and bedding needs. Learn about why animal bedding pellets are a good choice for you.

wood-pellets-a-good-choice-animal-beddingAnimal bedding pellets are made from compressed wood fibers. They are 100 percent natural and contain no chemical additives. Wood bedding pellets help create a clean, healthy habitat for your animals. You’ll find that Energy Pellets of America’s wood animal bedding pellets are:

  • Low in dust
  • 100 percent natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Absorbent
  • Clean

Additionally, many users will find that animal bedding pellets are a better choice than wood shavings or straw for their animal bedding needs. Wood bedding pellets are a good choice for stalls and habitats because they can soak up urine quickly. The saturated area becomes a confined, clumped wet spot that can be easily removed. This makes cleaning up easy, and creates a clean and healthy environment for your animal. This easy process saves time. The time saved by simple clean up allows you to spend more time with your animal and your family.

Unlike wood shavings, straw and sawdust, animal bedding pellets won’t stick to fur, blankets and other bedding. Additionally, the low-dust formulation reduces the amount of particulate matter in the air to help avoid respiratory problems sometimes caused by breathing in fine particles.

Animal bedding pellets are also a space saving solution. One 40 lb bag of animal bedding pellets can cover a 5.5-foot square foot stall at a depth of about 1.5 inches. This creates a comfortable, shock absorbing and moisture absorbing layer for your animal habitat. Additionally, each 40 lb bag of pellets is equal to about 2.5 bales of shavings. When comparing storage space a 1 ton pallet of 50, 40 lb bags physically takes up approximately a 4 foot by 4 foot by 5 foot high space in your storage area. The same equivalence of shavings would require the ability to store 125 bales of shavings.

Ready to Get Started with Animal Bedding Pellets?

Energy Pellets of America’s animal bedding pellets are a versatile and eco friendly way to keep your habitats clean and healthy. Learn more about our wood animal bedding pellets or place your order today. Call us at  (937) 265-0676