Learn How Animal Bedding Pellets are Compostable

29 June 18  |  Bedding   |  

Adding soiled and saturated animal bedding pellets to your compost pile is a great way to inject extra nutrients. Learn how animal bedding pellets are compostable.

What are Animal Bedding Pellets?

Animal bedding pellets are made of compressed wood. Energy Pellets of America makes pellet animal bedding from discarded pallets no long useful in the shipping process. Our animal bedding pellets are renewable, biodegradable and all natural.

wood-pellets-for-compostingWhen wet, animal bedding pellets turn into sawdust and offer a low-dust solution for all of your animal bedding needs. The wood pellets and sawdust create a healthy bedding layer to absorb moisture and neutralize odors. Our animal bedding pellets will keep your stall, barn or habitat clean, dry and comfortable.

Many users will find that Energy Pellets of America animal bedding pellets are easy to use as a bedding material. Our pellets are 100 percent natural and create a clean, healthy environment for your animals.

Can You Compost Animal Pellet Bedding?

Yes, you can compost soiled and saturated animal pellet bedding. In fact, rotted horse, cow, chicken and other animal manure is one of gardeners’ favorite fertilizers. Rotted manure makes better fertilizer because the nutrients are more dense than in fresh manure. Additionally, the rotting process can make seeds and grasses in the manure less likely to sprout.

Horse and cow manure can become well rotted and ready for the garden by leaving it to compost. Some gardeners have found best results after leaving the manure and animal pellet bedding to compost for 6 months to a year.

You can easily stir manure and bedding pellets into your regular compost pile for good results. Others find a designated pile for manure and bedding pellets is best. Regardless, including some bedding pellets in with your manure pile can help the breakdown process and help control odor. And don’t forget those ashes from your wood pellet stove or boiler! Adding ashes early into the composting process will help balance pH values.

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