Learn How Pellet Stoves Offer Efficient Energy

28 June 18  |  Fuel   |  

Are you looking for a green and efficient way to heat your home, business or commercial location? Learn how pellet stoves offer efficient energy and an easy solution to your heating needs.

Pellet stoves can be high-efficiency sources of heat for your home. Using a pellet stove can help you save on heating bills, fill your home with warmth and help you enjoy the cooler months.

What are Wood Energy Pellets?

  Wood energy pellets are a kind of heating fuel made from compressed wood fibers. These pellets are burned in pellet stoves, boilers and furnaces. Wood pellets can be burned to heat homes, businesses and commercial locations.

Wood pellets are considered a biomass product. This means they are a growing, renewable energy source. Examples of biomass fuels include wood energy pellets, wood chips, cord wood, paper and agricultural byproducts used for energy.

Energy Pellets of America makes recycled wood pellets. Our pellets are made from shipping pallets that are broken and no longer useful in the transportation industry. Energy Pellets of America only uses untreated shipping pallets to make our wood pellets. This makes our pellets 100 percent natural.

What Are Pellet Stoves?

Wood pellet stoves are heating systems that burn wood pellets. Pellet stoves create heat for homes, businesses and commercial enterprises. Pellet fuel is an energy efficient way to run a heating system. Many users find pellet stoves easy to use. In many cases, pellet stoves operate like a modern furnace.

According to numbers from the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI), about 1 million homes in the U.S. use pellet stoves and appliances for heat. This number is growing, as interest in pellet stoves is on the rise.

Pellet stoves have several components. Many pellet stoves require electricity to operate.  To use a pellet stove, you’ll likely start by putting pellets in your stove’s hopper. From there, you’ll set the thermostat to the desired temperature, sit back and enjoy the cozy warmth. The internal workings of the pellet stove are what brings the warmth. After you you fill the stove’s hopper, a mechanical auger pulls the pellets into the burn pot. In the burn pot, the pellets reach a very high temperature. This high-temperature burn creates little creosote, which keeps your chimney and burn pot clean.

Additionally, very little ash and emissions are produced. This keeps your indoor and outdoor air cleaner. If your stove is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you’ll know that you have one of the most efficient pellet stoves on the market today.

Winter can be long and cold. Pellet stoves can offer warm, cozy heat for a fraction of the cost of traditional gas or electric heat. The amount of money you can save depends on energy prices. According to data from the PFI, heating with pellets can cost as little as $12.51 per million BTU when buying pellets at $160 per ton. Heating with electricity can cost $35.17 per million BTU when paying $.12 per kilowatt.

According to recent statistics from the PFI, the average homeowner can save money by heating with wood pellets instead of oil or propane. Average savings are close to $700 per year. Additionally, heating with wood pellets can cut carbon and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 5 metric tons each year.

How Pellet Stoves Offer Efficient Energy

Pellet stoves offer efficient energy. Heating your home or business with a pellet stove and wood pellets can:

  • Save you money on heating costs, according to information from the PFI
  • Cut your carbon footprint and reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Offer you a cost-effective and cleaner substitute for heating with cord wood, propane or oil.

Burning wood pellets as a heating source lessens the need for fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and propane. Energy Pellets of America manufactures pellets from recycled wood shipping pallets. This makes our pellets a source of renewable energy.

Our premium quality pellet fuel burns clean and efficient. According to the EPA, wood pellets are the cleanest burning solid fuel available to consumers today. Wood pellets contain very little water and ash. This means they offer a clean burn that produces the heat you need for your home or business.  Wood pellets offer about 9,000 BTU/lb. This means that pellets are an efficient heating option. High efficiency wood pellet stoves burn around 95 percent combustion. When compared to cord wood, which burns at 70 to 80 percent combustion, wood pellets are an efficient choice.

Pellet Stoves on the Market Today

You’ll find a variety of pellet stoves and pellet burning appliances available to consumers today. Many are designed to warm an area of your home or building, others are designed to warm your entire home or building.

Some of the pellet wood stoves and fireplaces available on the market today include:


  • Catalytic wood stoves: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, wood stoves are the most commonly used appliances for heating with wood pellets. Catalytic wood stoves are combustion stoves. This means they burn at a high temperature. The fire is provides the most efficient heat when it is burning at full throttle. These stoves can reach burn temperatures of 1,100 degrees
  • Wood pellet fireplace inserts: In most cases, wood pellets are designed to be used in special pellet burning stoves.  Did you know you can burn wood energy pellets in your traditional fireplace? It takes a few special products, though. To burn wood pellets in your fireplace, you’ll need a special insert or basket. Energy Pellets of America does not endorse any of these products, but you might explore your options to see what works best for your needs.
  • Masonry heaters: Masonry heaters can provide warmth for your home or business. Masonry heaters have a firebox, a brick or masonry mass, and twisty smoke channels that run through the masonry mass. The firebox is lined with a special kind of brick or cement that can handle high temperatures. This is essential because masonry heaters can burn at up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.


Ready to Get Started with an Efficient Pellet Stove?

Energy Pellets of America can help you find the wood burning pellet stove you need to start heating your home with this efficient energy source. Now that you know how pellet stoves offer efficient energy, you might be ready to cozy up to wood energy pellets. Call us today at (937) 265-0676 to get started.