Learn How to Use Animal Bedding Pellets for Small Pets

29 June 18  |  Bedding   |  

Are you looking for an easy solution to your small animal bedding needs? Animal bedding pellets aren’t just for large animal habitats. You can use them in your small animal pens, hutches and habitats. Learn how to use animal bedding pellets for small animals.

Did you know you can use animal bedding pellets in your small animal’s home? Animal bedding pellets make a great substrate for your small pet’s cage, aquarium, hutch or habitat. When you know how to use animal bedding pellets for small animals, you have a super absorbent and odor free bedding material for your pet.

How to Use Animal Bedding Pellets for Small Pets

pellet-bedding-small-animalsWood pellets are a wise solution for your animal bedding needs because they contain very little moisture. The pellets very absorbent when used as animal bedding. Energy Pellets of America’s high quality animal bedding pellets made a great substrate for:

  • Horses (stable and trailer)
  • Livestock (goats, cattle and sheep)
  • Small caged animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, gerbils and more)
  • Poultry
  • Dogs
  • Cats (pen and litter box)
  • Reptiles

Animal bedding pellets are a great choice over shavings and other substrates. To use animal bedding pellets for small pets, you’ll need to start with a clean cage, pen or box. You’ll likely want to use the product in pellet form. You won’t need many pellets; you’ll likely only want to place up to an inch in the animal’s habitat. For small pets like hamsters, gerbils and rats, the pellets should be to the animal’s knees. This means a 40-lb bag of pellets will go a long way in your animal’s habitat.

You’ll likely find the pellets’ absorbency will increase the depth as the animal uses the habitat. This is because moisture in the air and from the animal’s waste will expand the pellets. Cleaning  up the habitat is simple: Simply remove soiled and saturated areas. You’ll want to add new pellets to the habitat as needed. Soiled and saturated pellets can be composted or used to fertilize your garden.

Animal bedding pellets are a great choice for your small animal because it is super absorbent and contains very little dust. This means pellet bedding will help you keep your pet happy and healthy. Low dust prevents respiratory problems in small pets.

Wood Pellets as Cat Litter

Wood pellets are good for more than just habitats and cages. You can also use animal bedding pellets as cat litter.

To use wood bedding pellets for cat litter, you can simply replace your traditional littler with wood bedding pellets. Because the pellets expand when wet, you’ll want to be careful not to overfill your cat box. When wet with urine, the pellets will turn into a sawdust clump for easy removal. The removed clumps can be composted, making wood bedding pellets a simple, green alternative to clay kitty litter.

How to Care for Your Small Pet

benefits-of-wood-pellets-for-animal-beddingChoosing a wood pellet bedding for your small pet’s habitat is just one part of caring for your animal. Here are a few tips for keeping your animal happy and healthy:

  • Good things come in pairs: According to the ASPCA many small animals, like gerbils and hamsters, are social creatures. This means you might want to adopt two animals to keep each other company. It is wise to keep males and females separately, otherwise they will breed
  • Choose the right housing: Your small animal needs a room. If you have a gerbil or small guinea pig, you might choose a wire container or a 10-gallon aquarium with a mesh cover. Many small animals love to play, so a wheel is a good idea. Small animals also like to dig, so you’ll want to use a layer of wood pellet bedding up to the animal’s knees.
  • Be wise about your animals diet: Most small pets do well on a commercial diet, according to the ASPCA. You might considering offering your small pet fresh vegetables, too. Gerbils, hamsters and other small animals can benefit from a small amount of fresh veggies in their dish. Also, clean water should be available to your small pet at all times.
  • Keep the cage clean: Wood pellet bedding makes it easy to keep your animal’s cage or habitat clean. Simply remove the soiled pellets as needed. It is wise to remove wet areas, droppings and uneaten food every day.
  • See the vet as needed: If you think your small animal is sick, don’t hesitate to take him to the vet. Common signs that your pet is sick include coughing, sneezing, lethargy and diarrhea.

Learning how to use animal bedding pellets for small pets isn’t a complicated process. Wood bedding pellets will keep your little critter happy and healthy. Ready to get started with wood pellets for your small pet? Call us today at (937) 265-0676 to get started.