Learn How Wood Pellets are a Space Saving Solution

28 June 18  |  Fuel   |  

Wood pellets are a reliable, energy efficient way to heat your home, business or commercial location. But did you know they’re also easy to store and can help you save on storage space? Learn how wood pellets are a space saving solution.

What are Wood Pellets?

Wood pellets are a cost effective heating fuel made from compressed wood fibers. Wood pellet heating systems include pellet stoves, furnaces and boilers. Wood pellets are a biomass product. Biomass means they come from a growing, renewable source. Wood pellets are dense and contain very little ash and moisture. Recycled wood pellets, like those made by Energy Pellets of America, help stop waste from entering landfills.

How to Store Wood Pellets to Save Space

learn how wood pellets are a space saving solution.jpgBurning one ton of wood pellets is equivalent to about 1.5 cords of wood. Wood pellets can be stored in a fraction of the space as a cord of wood. A 1 ton pallet of 40lb bags takes up 1/3 the space as one cord of wood.

Your wood pellet storage space should be in a dry location, preferably indoors. Many users store their pellets in their basement or garage. The storage area should be free of any moisture or mold. You can also keep your pellets dry by storing them off the floor on a pallet.

If you aren’t able to store your wood pellets indoors, you might want to keep them outside in a shelter or shed located in a dry, high place. You also might want to cover your wood pellets with a securely fastened tarp for additional protection. When pellets get wet, they will turn back into their original material — sawdust.

When stored in a proper way, wood pellets can last for a very long time. The main culprits in damaging stored pellets are U.V. sunlight and moisture. U.V. sunlight over an extended period of time will break down the protective slipcover and plastic bags. Once the plastic breaks down moisture penetration can accelerate. You can prevent U.V. light and dampness from damaging your wood pellets by storing them properly.

Storing your wood pellets correctly can help you save space and can help you get the most out of your pellets.