What are Premium Wood Pellets?

28 June 18  |  Fuel   |  

Energy Pellets of America makes premium wood pellets. What are premium wood pellets? Read on to learn more about how we earned this distinctive label.

What are Wood Pellets?

Wood pellets are an energy fuel made out of compressed wood fibers. Wood pellets can be burned in wood pellet boilers, furnaces and pellet stoves. Wood pellets are used to heat homes, businesses and commercial locations. Wood pellets and pellet fuel are a kind of biomass. This means they are made from a growing, renewable source.

Energy Pellets of America responsibly makes pellet fuel from recycled wood. Our pellets are made from discarded shipping pallets that are no longer useful in the shipping industry. Our manufacturing process stops waste from going into landfills. This makes a green, environmentally friendly heating source.

What are Premium Wood Pellets?

what are premium wood pellets.jpgAny pellet product marked premium must be able to show they have passed or exceeded standards for wood pellet fuels set by either the U.S. or Europe. In the U.S. these standards were created by the Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI) and in Europe by Deutsches Pelletinstitut or better known as ENPlus standard. Energy Pellets of America’s wood pellets meet these guidelines and have earned this distinction. This means our premium grade pellets have been tested by third party laboratories. During testing, our pellets were found to contain less than 8 percent moisture content, less than 1 percent ash content and have a high value of heating energy. Pellets are audited regularly to maintain the premium label.

Why Burn Premium Wood Pellets?

Premium grade pellets burn clean. Burned pellets produce very little ash and emissions. Choosing high quality pellets will help you get the most heat out of your pellets.

You also might find that pellets can also be more cost efficient than wood chips or cord wood. Because they are made from compressed wood materials, handling and shipping costs are lower for wood pellets that other wood heating sources. It usually costs less to distribute wood pellets than wood chips.

Ready to Get Started with Wood Pellets?

Premium wood pellets are a versatile, clean-burning and sustainable method of providing heat to your home, business or commercial location. Energy Pellets of America makes high quality, recycled wood pellets. Call us at (937) 265-0676 to learn more about our wood pellets or place your order today.